MasticGrip 2500: Surface-tolerant, aluminum flake-filled mastic epoxy acts as a primer or finish

MasticGrip 2500 is an aluminum pigmented, low-stress, high-solids mastic with outstanding performance properties and offers. It has unique properties over conventional coatings because it wets out existing rust down to the steel substrate.

MasticGrip 2500 coating is used in a number of industrial markets, providing unmatched levels of barrier protection and corrosion resistance over existing finishes and rusted steel. It’s also suitable for hand or power tool cleaned surfaces.

MasticGrip 2500: What is the Labyrinth Effect?

The Labyrinth Effect essentially creates a complex maze that moisture can’t easily penetrate. This is important because the rate of osmosis is a critical component to premature coating failure.

MasticGrip 2500 utilizes aluminum flakes of various sizes that act like a coat of armor for your substrate. The protection is effective against everyday abuse from UV, water, and chemicals.

Why use MasticGrip 2500 as an “everywhere” primer?

The low-viscosity formulation enables it to wet out and penetrate rust down to the substrate, yet it’s high-solid content allows it to bond to a variety of aged coatings without crazing or lifting.

MasticGrip 2500 is the most dependable, robust protection for maintenance painting available. It’s the best primer choice for aged, weathered coatings that can’t be mechanically abraded. This primer/finish is the perfect solution for those who would like to get five to 10 more years out of an asset before a complete repaint down to bare steel.


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