Protective coatings for the power generation industry

Power generation plants are a diverse set of facilities with the coatings and linings needs to match. Power generation can take the form of wind, hydroelectric, nuclear, fossil fuel facilities and more, each of which presents its own challenges for protective coatings systems.

Facilities within these submarkets will also contain different buildings and structures that in turn have their own unique requirements. Cooling towers, scrubber vessels and turbines are each subjected to different pressures, such as high operating temperatures, highly acidic surroundings, abrasive environments and so on. Our full line of hi temp coatings is widely deployed in these facilities.

Addressing such a wide range of specifications requires a wide range of products, as well as NACE-certified staff trained in recognizing the assortment of coating requirements presented by these various conditions. US Coatings can provide this expertise, as well as personalized attention to the site-specific needs of your plant.