Corrosion resistant coatings for refineries

Oil and gas refineries make up the downstream segment of the petroleum industry, where industrial fireproofing and corrosion resistance are essential to avoiding costly equipment damage and facility downtime. We design coatings with the needs of these refinery owners in mind. They help to enhance corrosion resistance under insulation, reduce condensation and contribute to energy savings.

US Coatings manufactures high-performance coatings and linings for heat exchangers and boilers, distillation columns and splitters, pipe linings and steam lines, pressure valves, and storage tanks and vessels. We also have a full line of high temp coatings for equipment operating at extreme temperatures.

Don’t wait until rust and corrosion make an appearance in your refinery. Talk to the NACE-certified professionals about their coating inspection services, or to help with designing a coatings and industrial fireproofing plan that works for your facility.