OEM paint

We work with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) industry to safeguard a wide range of products and equipment. US Coatings has the experienced staff on hand to determine the right OEM paint formulation no matter what abuse a product or facility is subjected to.

Our staff performs individual project line evaluations to understand how to design the most effective and efficient coatings system available. If the operating environment poses challenges for the coatings system, we collaborate with our customers to devise a solution based on the demands of the particular site.

Based on our initial analysis, we begin developing a custom OEM paint system tailored to the customer’s needs. Our staff can also provide a cost analysis for the job and assist in the proper equipment selection for the application process.

Whether it’s trucks or trailers, BBQ grills or wind turbines, we have the ability and expertise to accommodate jobs of all sizes.

Download our OEM buyer’s guide below to learn how our coating specialists can help reduce cure times and speed up your production.

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