Pipe coatings and pipe linings

Most of us rarely think about the massive network of pipelines that crisscross the globe, performing such essential functions as transporting fuel, potable water and carrying away wastewater to treatment plants. But those who deal with pipelines regularly know how important a part of our infrastructure they are.

They also know how easily they can fall victim to corrosion from faulty linings or a mismanaged maintenance routine. Corrosion inside of a pipeline has the potential to compromise its contents. Corrosion on the outside of one has the potential to end up in a costly spill.

Protect what flows your pipeline with pipeline coatings and linings from US Coatings. We offer systems that protect your pipelines inside and out from the corrosion that causes leaks, as well as linings designed to reduce friction for a smooth flow with no surprises. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you determine your project specifications and select the proper coatings system for your pipeline based on what flows through it.