The right industrial coating for your assets

US Coatings offers the industrial coating you need for long-term corrosion protection. Our NACE-certified professionals understand your needs can be complex, but investing in the proper solution up front is a guaranteed money-saver in the long run. Whether it’s coatings for maintenance or new construction, the right solution can ensure longevity where you need it most.

If you own or manage any type of storage tank, we have the high-performance linings capable of keeping your tanks contents safely inside. Our full range of lining solutions will protect whatever assets are contained within your storage tanks.

We also offer custom paint formulations for original equipment manufacturers (OEM). These customers bring to the table problems completely unique to their environment or needs, where no out-of-the-box solution already exists. We provide these customers with personal attention and a unique, certified solution to fit their needs. Download our full catalog of industrial coating products.

Or click the link to check out our full line of high-performance coatings. Here you can choose from among some of the toughest, most well-engineered primers, finishes and linings currently available on the market.

Zinc Primers

Organic and inorganic zinc-rich primers promise superior adhesion and galvanic protection qualities.

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Epoxy Primers and Finishes

Our line of epoxy primers and finishes offer excellent barrier protection for a number of industries and uses.

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High Temperature Coatings

Our direct to metal coatings capable of withstanding high operating temperatures and battling corrosion under insulation.

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Water Based Coatings

Water-based coatings offer low/no VOC, low odor, easy to use coatings that provide excellent asethetic properties.

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Liner Coatings

Our versatile, high-performance liner coatings for interior tanks, vessels, pipeline, and secondary containments offer premium barrier properties and corrosion protection even against harsh cargos and extreme exposures.

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Marine coatings market

Urethane Coatings

DTM and finish coatings that offer premium durability, UV, and weatherability protection for commercial to heavy industrial applications.

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