Specification Consulting for Specialty Coatings

Consulting with certified professionals on specialty coatings specifications and their adherence to industry standards is the best way to ensure the long life and cost-effectiveness of a coating application.

Different markets exert different pressures on a coatings system, and in order to guarantee a successful application careful attention must be paid to both materials and execution. The selection of the coating material and the level of the surface preparation will help to determine a maintenance plan in advance, eliminating surprise damages or expenses. It is essential to conduct a thorough inspection of substrates and ambient conditions before selecting a specialty coatings system.

Our NACE and SSPC-certified professionals have years of experience with specification consulting and the designing of specialty coatings systems. They specialize in delivering clear-cut, actionable coatings strategies for our customers.

Consultations deliver:

  • NACE-certified inspection in house
  • SSPC-certified inspection on staff
  • Coating system recommendations
  • Cutting based technology
  • Proper QC/QA plans for application


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