Protective coatings for the petrochemical industry

Petrochemical facilities can present some of the most corrosive and volatile working conditions in heavy industry. The equipment and facilities of petrochemical plants are under constant assault from oil, gases and chemical raw materials. Without the proper protective coatings in place, corrosion and other damages caused by these materials have the potential to result in lost time and serious financial setbacks for facility owners.

US Coatings has the petrochemical industry covered with protective coatings to keep steel and concrete free from corrosion, to protect secondary containment areas from chemical leakage and spillover and to provide tank linings that protect storage tanks from the chemicals they contain. We even have the safety coatings to keep your staff safe the event of slippery surfaces or power outages. We also have a full line of high temp coatings for equipment operating at extreme temperatures.

Preparing your facility, whether it’s newly constructed or as part of a coatings maintenance plan, with protective coatings and linings specially designed by the experts at US Coatings will help avoid costly downtime in the long run.

The assets within your petrochemical facility are the core of your business. Shield them with US Coatings.