Liner Coatings

Our versatile, high-performance liner coatings for interior tanks, vessels, pipeline, and secondary containments offer premium barrier properties and corrosion protection even against harsh cargos and extreme exposures.

We design liner coatings to protect nearly every type of storage vessel, including steel and concrete tanks, pipe linings, reactors, rail tank cars, truck tankers, potable water tanks, bulk dry-storage tanks and more.

We have 100% solids linings, and our Flake Glass and Novolac coatings protect well against highly corrosive environments and severe chemical attacks. For tanks containing edible material or potable water, we’re also capable of providing linings that are approved by the FDA and NSF.

For a useful resource when it comes time to select a tank lining, check out our Tank Lining Systems Guide. It contains our full product line, chemical resistance guides, system selection guides and more. Download the PDF, print it off and take it with you. It’s that handy.


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