Marine Coatings

There are a few “musts” for inland marine coatings. They must provide excellent corrosion resistance.  They must be abrasion resistant. They must have high gloss retention. They must provide UV protection. On the surface, these are pretty simple demands. But given the abuse vessels face while traveling the nation’s inland waterways, it can be a tall order requiring a top-of-the-line performance coating.

We also believe coatings have a role in the marine market beyond corrosion control. Safety coatings in marine settings can reduce the hazards associated with working on barges and tugboats. Non-skid coatings can reduce or even eliminate slips and falls. Luminescent coatings have the ability to make the outline of vessels more visible and to illuminate obstructions below deck. The possible uses are extensive.

And we don’t just do coatings. We’re well aware of what a headache managing the coatings needs of an entire fleet can be. That’s why me provide total asset tracking for marine coatings maintenance. We can provide you with budget numbers so you can plan for the year ahead. We can send reminders when your coating’s service life is nearing its end, what areas of your vessel have gone the longest without maintenance, what product was applied previously and more. For every vessel in your fleet. It’s our way of simplifying marine coatings maintenance.