OEM Coatings

US Coatings works with customers across a number of industries to develop custom OEM coatings. From BBQ grills to wind turbines, we have the staff on hand with the experience necessary to answer to their coatings needs. No matter what sort of abuse the equipment is subjected to, we can devise solutions to protect it.

Many of our customers with OEM coatings needs come to us with site-specific problems that are completely unique to their environment or the demands of their equipment. More than likely, no out-of-the-box solutions already exist in these instances. Our capabilities allow us to address these needs individually, providing the owner with a unique, certified solution to their issue.

We can help with:

  • Project line evaluations
  • Site-specific troubleshooting
  • Custom coating development
  • Cost analysis
  • Proper equipment selection

Reach out to US Coatings today to explore a coatings solution for your OEM products.