On-Site Surveys and Coating System Recommendations

Coatings solutions are not one-size-fits-all. Different coatings systems perform differently in different environments and under different operating conditions. A coatings solution offered by a big-box store may work great in Arizona, but fall short in Missouri. In order to get the best possible performance out of a coatings system, that system must be carefully tailored to the project at hand. That’s why US Coatings supplies owners with individualized, professional surveys for each of their sites.

US Coatings has trained, NACE and SSPC-certified staff on hand to provide expert coating system recommendations based on a personalized, site-specific evaluation of your assets. These experienced professionals bring to your site a level of attention to detail and understanding of the latest coatings technologies that large retailers can’t match.

On-site surveys deliver:

  • NACE-certified inspection in house
  • SSPC-certified inspection on staff
  • Personalized, site-specific asset evaluation
  • Coating system recommendations
  • Cutting based technology
  • Proper QC/QA plans for application
  • Plant surveys


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