Corrosion resistant coatings for the pulp and paper industry

Pulp and paper mill owners have to be on constant guard against corrosion in their facilities. A combination of large concentrations of water and toxic chemicals mixed among large amounts of structural steel makes corrosion control a central issue for facility owners. Every step of the process must be free from corrosion, or owners run the risk of polluting the paper, damaging machinery, breaching industry regulations or compromising worker safety.

With all that’s on the line in the pulp and paper manufacturing industry, understanding and investing in a resilient line of anti-corrosion coatings just makes sense. As pulp and paper mills are subjected to varying degrees of corrosive conditions, it is essential to get the opinion of experienced professionals when designing these corrosion-resistant coatings systems. We also have a full line of high temp coatings for equipment operating at extreme temperatures.

US Coatings has NACE-certified professionals in house who are capable of providing site-specific evaluations of mill owners needs, including advice on proper surface preparation, selecting the proper corrosion resistant coatings system and a suitable QC/QA plan for application.