Protective railcar coatings

If it rides on rails it has to stand up to tough treatment. Whether from flexing, impact or weathering, railcars take some abuse. And that’s not to mention reactions to the contents it’s carrying. Coatings must be strong enough to stand up to this abuse, while not interacting with the contents inside.

US Coatings has railcar coating solutions for all types of railcars, including hopper cars, boxcars and high solids coatings for railroad tank cars. These, designed with railcar owners in mind, are simple to apply, withstand environmental elements and are resistant to chemical assault and corrosion. Click here for some advice on choosing the right railcar coatings.

Our railcar coatings product line also includes linings for tank cars serving a range of specialized purposes. Options include tank linings with varying chemical resistances and FDA and NSF-compliant linings certified for transporting edible material.