Specialty coatings for water and wastewater treatment plants

Water and wastewater treatment facilities can be tough environments. The settling, raking, pumping, sludging, clarifying and filtering processes are abusive on steel and concrete. Add to these corrosive chemicals and an aging infrastructure and you have a significant need for durable, high-performance coating solutions.

In wastewater treatment facilities, coatings must be resistant to corrosive chemicals such as hydrogen sulfide. This and other acidic compounds common to wastewater treatment facilities quickly cause cracking and corrosion to unprotected concrete.

US Coatings offers coatings for every step of the water and wastewater treatment processes. From the collection systems, through the digesters, clarifiers and headworks of the treatment process, and on to the storage and secondary containment structures, we have protective coatings to match your needs.

For facilities housing potable water, we have 100 percent NSF-approved linings systems to keep the water flowing from the tap sparkling and clear.