The benefits of on-site coatings inspection services from a NACE-certified professional

Some industrial painting suppliers offer “failure analysis services.” If one of their products has failed at a customer’s site these companies will visit your facility, take a few photos and analyze the conditions that may have caused their product to fail.

This approach seems a bit backwards. These sorts of (costly) blunders can often be avoided by evaluating site-specific coating stressors before a system is in place. Paying attention to a particular site’s susceptibility to corrosion and other environmental factors can help to avoid these breakdowns. Some of the big-box retailers don’t place any emphasis on this type of service. We think it’s smart, and can hopefully make “failure analysis” unnecessary.

NACE-certified on-site coatings inspection

Coatings inspection: A preemptive approach

Building relationships is good business, and on-site surveys are a good practice for making these connections. By offering no cost, no commitment asset evaluation services, suppliers are able to shake hands with potential customers before they decide to buy.

After a purchasing decision is made, a supplier familiar with the particulars of a customer’s site can then design a product with those needs in mind. A petrochemical facility in St. Louis and a fleet of tugboats in New Orleans will have drastically different coatings needs. Understanding those needs is key to offering expert advice and crafting a product that performs.

Recommendations for choosing a coating system, plans for proper quality control and quality assurance during and after the application process, and advice on devising maintenance programs to lengthen the life of your coating system all require a thorough understanding of site-specific needs.

There are some coatings inspection companies that exist solely to provide these on-site surveys and asset analyses but, as a result of this being their core service, they charge heavily for it. These firms also may have arranged to receive a commission from an applicator in exchange for recommending their services, which could lead to an ill-suited partnership.

What to expect from on-site coatings inspection services

Whether it is the core service of a company or not, there are a few things you should expect from a thorough asset analysis. Inspectors should have certifications from professional organizations. NACE and SSPC are well respected within the industry. Coating inspection services offered by NACE-certified professionals are a good bet.

A report, complete with write-ups of the findings, photographs to accompany those findings, and detailed recommendations on how to proceed at different price points should be included. It is a good sign if these findings are being compiled using some industry-respected documentation software.

Facility managers should be able to use this report for industrial paint budgeting or to better understand what type of work can be accomplished at a given price point. An asset analysis also provides the basis for devising a long-term coatings maintenance plan for the site. This takes budgetary guesswork out of the equation when considering the future costs of facility upkeep. For this reason, these reports are also often useful in justifying to superiors spending on coatings improvements.

If you feel like you’re ready for a professional from a NACE-certified inspection company visit your facility, US Coatings is ready for you. We’d love to get in touch. Click the link above, fill out the form and we’ll set up an on-site consultation. If you’re not looking for an on-site survey, we also offer a variety of industrial coating services, including specification consulting and OEM customized solutions.



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