VSC 1200: A direct-to-metal coating with advanced asset protection

VSC 1200 direct to metal application

VSC 1200, a new and advanced product from US Coatings, has proven its worth as the next generation of heavy-duty industrial maintenance coatings when combined with the VSC 1100 primer. In this post, we’ll discuss the use of the VSC 1200 topcoat as a direct-to-metal (DTM) coating and why this cutting-edge polyurethane will provide groundbreaking benefits for DTM applications, particularly in metal fabrication shops and for manufacturers of small vessels and tanks.

What is VSC 1200?

VSC 1200 is a 2K polyurethane finish. In addition to providing the desirable characteristics of an ultra high performance polyurethane topcoat — excellent gloss and color retention, outstanding weathering, UV resistance — VSC 1200 is hard, tough and extremely durable. When applied to substrates, it offers high barrier protection, anti-corrosion properties and unparalleled edge retention.

This polyurethane coating is comprised of Tetrashield™ technology, the newest evolution of protective coating resins. This gives VSC 1200 consistent film build and an environmentally friendly, high-solids formula that requires no thinning solvents. Easy application is another key advantage: The longer pot life and shorter dry time allow for streamlined application, and the coating has a wide latitude of application conditions. Additionally, this advanced coating has no added costs compared to other polyurethanes on the market. It also offers excellent edge retention, greatly reducing the risk of undercutting off of sharp edges on the substrate.

Click here for the full introduction to VSC 1200 as a topcoat with the VSC 1100 primer coating system, which are used together in heavy industrial applications in rigorous environments.

VSC 1200 and direct-to-metal coatings

Direct-to-metal (DTM) applications involve an industrial coating applied directly onto a metal substrate without the use of a primer beforehand. DTM coatings offer a host of cost-saving efficiencies and environmental benefits without sacrificing any protection of the substrate. With only one coat of paint (instead of the typical two-coat system), labor and material costs are lowered and applications are streamlined. The chance for overspray is also decreased, which reduces wasted materials and environmental impacts.

VSC 1200 is a best-fit coating for DTM applications, as it provides both the reliable protection and long-term weathering resistance necessary for industrial coatings — an all-in-one performance that asset owners require from a DTM application. The coating has many high-end performance characteristics as enumerated above, and there are no application, equipment or cost constraints for applicators.

Another advantage of VSC 1200 in DTM coating applications is undercutting prevention. Polyurethane coatings typically don’t have high enough adhesion to withstand the rigors of the substrate’s environment, causing the paint to slowly separate from the surface. This allows corrosion to potentially take hold and lead to costly damage to the asset. VSC 1200’s Tetrashield™ technology prevents undercutting and ensures the coating provides unparalleled protection for the substrate.

DTM applications for VSC 1200

VSC 1200 performs well in a variety of DTM coating applications — essentially any light- to medium-duty industrial application where protection from corrosion and UV degradation are vital. Facilities and shops that manufacture metal components requiring a high-end industrial finish (products such as structural steel, trailers, farm equipment and construction equipment) can greatly benefit from VSC 1200’s DTM application. Small manufacturers of vessels and tanks will also find VSC 1200 a viable DTM coating option. These shops and manufacturers can utilize VSC 1200 to provide the protection, reliability and aesthetics they require with a streamlined application and cost-competitive pricing.

Selecting a coating that provides adequate protection and long-term weathering resistance while streamlining processes is no easy feat. For more information on choosing the best coating for your asset, read our Industrial Coating Selection Guide. To continue discussing VSC 1200 for your DTM application, reach out to an industrial coatings expert.


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